Rajat Sharma

My Opinion

GST Update

There is no doubt that the GST Bill will be passed but the Government must exercise caution while implementing it. Countries like Malaysia faced shortcomings while rolling out GST. Several countries faced inflation upon implementation. These are some of the lessons that the government can learn. The authorities should be work out means to tide over road blocks that are bound to crop up when the Goods & Services Tax is finally implemented.

Bulandshahr — The state of UP Police

The common man usually approaches the police for help. But when emergency numbers don’t work, the police don’t reach the spot on time and are caught sleeping on duty, it is but natural that people are going to be enraged. However the entire force in UP cannot be accused of dereliction of duty…in reality the police in UP is not only understaffed but also have no fixed hours of work. On an average, they have to work for 18-20 hours at a stretch and often have to spend days at the police station. It is the responsibility of the State Government to increase manpower, improve their work conditions and also ensure that they are not overworked.

Salahuddin interview

Hizb-ul-Mujahideen leader Salahuddin’s interview is a lesson for those who have expressed their sympathies for Burhan Wani. Salahuddin has in no uncertain terms stated that Burhan Wani was a militant who would attack security forces with weapons he received from Pakistan. The interview should serve as a warning for those who have been instigating the people of Kashmir by declaring him a martyr and thereby fanning militancy in the area. This is difficult to comprehend since these sympathisers are not from Pakistan but belong to our own country. Such people should pause and think before making a hero out of Burhan Wani.