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Bihar toppers scam

Lalkeshwar Singh was the chairman of Bihar Board.He was the patron.However, he himself was found involved in topper scam.Her wife, too, was a part of this racket. It is difficult to believe that whatever was shown in the movie ‘Munnabhai MBBS’ could happen in reality and that too, on such a large scale.But this scam is a grave injustice to the students of Bihar. A few students may have cleared the exams though this racket.some of them may have become toppers.but the scam has tainted the image of all of the students.The students, who passed the examination honestly and scored good numbers after working hard, will also be looked upon with suspicion. Therefore, those involved in this scam should be given strict punishment at the earliest.

Pampore Attack

US has already announced a bounty of Rs. 1 crore on Hafiz Saeed. United Nations has also imposed restrictions on Lashkar-e-Taiba.But there video that is proof that Hafiz Saeed openly holds public meetings in Pakistan and imparts training to militants.And Pakistan keeps repeating that there is no proof against Hafiz Saeed. Hafiz Saeed is holding rallies across Pakistan under the banner of ‘Difa-e-Pakistan’ nowadays.And he is spewing venom against India.Hafiz Saeed himself says that he got terrorist attacks launched in India.Does Pakistan need any more proof?.The reality is that Pakistan does not want to take action.The government’s writ does not run.And Hafiz Saeed himself says that Army supports him.Therefore, there is no point in expecting action from Pakistan

Amit Shah on SP

UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav finally took a strong stand against Mukhtar Ansari. He stood his ground by not agreeing to a merger with Ansari’s party. This move of his has certainly raised his equity and position both within his party and the government since it was generally considered that Akhilesh Yadav was more at the mercy of his uncles and had no say before his father. Akhilesh has sent out a clear signal that the Assembly elections would be fought under his leadership and he would be the face of the polls and all decisions would be taken by him. However the merger announcement with Mukhtar Ansari’s party had given BJP enough ammunition which was quite discernible from Amit Shah’s speech today.

Modi on Dr. Subramanian Swamy

Without a doubt, Dr Subramanian Swamy’s rantings have put the Finance Minister in an awkward position. It seemed as if Swamy was getting his instructions from somewhere when he repeatedly levelled charges one after the other. It was therefore necessary for the Prime Minister to send out a direct message to Subramanian Swamy when asked about him during his interview. Narendra Modi in no uncertain terms said that he did not agree with Swamy’s recent statements and neither would he like Swamy to make such caustic remarks in the near future.

NSG India

India’s stand on the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty is known to all and because of not being a signatory to the NPT, India failed to gain entry into the NSG or the Nuclear Suppliers Group. However what is worth mentioning is that India made concerted efforts and keeping that in mind, the US has once again assured that it would continue with its efforts to ensure India’s acceptance into the NSG.

Brexit impact

While there is no doubt the referendum in Britain will initially impact trade with India but this is just a temporary phase. Earlier during times of crises in Europe, it did not have much impact on the India economy. One can hope that the effects of Brexit will gradually lessen in the coming weeks.

Swamy vs Jaitley

It is apparent from Swamy’s demeanor that following Party pressure he decided to take back his demands of ousting Arvind Subramanian. However he still hasn’t given up on not targeting others. He has now aimed his volleys against Shaktikant Das, the Economic Affairs Secretary. He wrote that there is a pending property case against Das and Chidambaram’s help was sought in this matter. In retaliation, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley tweeted that this was a false and unfair attack on a disciplined civil servant.


In the past few days many leaders have either left the BSP or were ousted by Mayawati. Almost all these leaders have a huge support base and the way Mayawati has been expelling her sitting MLAs, it is likely to affect her party adversely. However the BSP supremo considers that she is the party’s strength and only she would be the deciding factor to get the people’s mandate for her party….it would make little difference whether others remain or leave.


An honest officer was killed…refusing to accept a bribe of three crores and abiding by his duty seemed to have been his only fault. It is therefore important that all political parties should come together and deal with those involved in the strictest of manner. Those accused have been caught and police investigations are on however the way this entire episode is taking a political turn and the slugfest that one is witnessing, appears that MM Khan who lost his life will never get justice!

Team India Coach Selection

We have all seen that a wrong coach can be detrimental for the entire team. It is worth mentioning that this time the Coach selection for Team India has taken place in a more professional manner. There were seventy one applicants and veterans like Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman who were part of the interview panel finally zeroed in on Anil Kumble. One must laud BCCI President Anurag Thakur’s efforts in this entire process. 

Yoga Day

Yoga is not about any politics, Yoga is not about any conflict and Yoga can never be about any religious dispute. Yoga is a guarantee for a healthy way of life. Everyone must practise Yoga. In our country Yoga was being practised by monks and saints for thousands of years but down the years, its importance started waning from the common man’s life. Swami Ramdev must be lauded for making Yoga popular in every household after having worked hard for twenty long years and Narendra Modi must be credited for his efforts in getting Yoga worldwide recognition. Yoga must be practised by all so that one is able to lead a healthy and quality life.

Dr Subramanian Swamy on Najeeb Jung

One must give it to Dr Subramanian Swamy for his ability to dig out new angles in any matter and once he gets started, he ensures that he has all the evidences. Dr Swamy does not shy away of sending letters to the President and the Prime Minister. However his insinuations against Najeeb Jung’s fight with Kejriwal as being engineered is somewhat hard to believe. In fact even BJP would find it difficult to accept.