Rajat Sharma

My Opinion

Mandsaur Beef

It is clear that in Mandsaur some people indulged in violence in the name of protecting cows. The police acting under pressure arrested the two women and sent them to jail without even a proper probe. The video clearly shows that there was a deliberate attempt to instigate trouble and vitiate the atmosphere and create communal tensions. The two women were first apprehended, then beaten up and this was followed by slogans of ‘jai shri ram’. Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s government must ensure that such people are dealt with an iron hand. Wearing saffron and raising slogans is not a licence to perpetrate violence. Action must also be taken against those policemen who not only allowed this to happen but also remained as mere spectators to all this trouble.

Kejriwal Video

One cannot expect a Chief Minister to behave in such a manner or even use such language. Arvind Kejriwal has changed ever since he has become a Chief Minister. Earlier he would call a press conference every day and would answer questions asked by reporters and would even use it to his best advantage. After having become the Chief Minister, he does not give the opportunity to reporters to question him. And today he went a step further…he set up his own camera, conducted his own question answer session in front of it and then uploaded the video on social media. Why is Kejriwal scared of facing reporters? Why is he scared of the Press throwing such questions at him for which he may not have an answer?

Nawaj Sharif on Kashmir

Nawaz Sharif keeps making references of raising the Kashmir issue at the international level but chooses to remain silent on the situation prevalent in Pak occupied Kashmir. The whole world witnessed the manner in which the army staged elections there and ensured his party’s victory. Nawaz Sharif should explain why those living in POK are ill treated and why does the Army have to use force against them.

Sandeep Dikshit on Ajay Maken

Sandeep Dikshit has quite rightly pointed out that is he is proud and rebellious by nature. Where the question of Ajay Maken concerned, it is known to all that he and Sheila Dikshit have always locked horns with each other. It was Ajay Maken who had objected to Sheila Dikshit being granted a third term by Sonia Gandhi and in the last assembly elections, it was her own party leaders who worked against her. However it is difficult to explain why Sandeep Dikshit has decided to mount an attack at a time when Sheila Dikshit has been declared the Chief Ministerial candidate for UP.

Narsingh Yadav Case

The person who spiked Narsingh Yadav’s food has been identified. His questioning will reveal the real motive behind his actions — whether he was being directed by someone and whether a player or any official was also involved. The truth must be unearthed because the conspiracy is not just about a player being deceived, but it is also about a country being betrayed.

Hardik Patel

Before he was sent to jail, Hardik Patel used to speak from his heart. He would make mistakes but he never made attempts to hide them and perhaps this is what earned him the support of the people. Now out from prison, Hardik Patel is restrained in his speech, he appears trained and is sounding more like a politician. It is quite evident that this is having little effect on people.

Wrestler Narsingh Yadav

So far from the details that are emerging, it appears that there has been some foul play against wrestler Narsingh Yadav. Those who were opposed to his going to Rio might have played a game and who all are behind this, can also be discerned. Though one would have to wait for the outcome of the enquiry before taking names. However contaminating his food, can be the worst injustice against a player who has the potential to win medals for the country

Navjot Singh Sidhu

Navjot Singh Siddhu had made all preparations to join the Aam Admi Party but he had wanted to be made the Chief Ministerial candidate. AAP is of the opinion that there is a pending case of murder against him in the Supreme Court. They are ready to project his wife Navjot Kaur as the Deputy CM. However there is a deadlock on this since Sindhu and AAP are yet to come to an understanding.

Dayashankar vs BSP

Dayashankar Singh can never be forgiven for what he uttered against Mayawati but there is no element of truth in what BSP’s Nasimuddin Siddiqui has been saying. The truth is yesterday in retaliation he and his party dragged Dayashankar’s mother, his wife and his daughter into the controversy. Dayashankar’s family has no connection whatsoever with politics and they hadn’t even made any comments. Now as an afterthought the BSP is giving clarifications. So far the BSP leaders and workers were staging protests but now the BJP has decided to protest against the BSP for hurling abuses at Dayashankar’s daughter. It seems like this matter will carry on for a while.

Bhagwant Mann – Parliament Row

Bhagwant Mann was grossly mistaken. He was under the impression that he could easily get away with anything. He had thought he could make a video and show whatever he wanted to – all in the name of the common man. Till yesterday he was trying to project himself as the hero but today it was a reality check of sorts for him when he saw which way the wind was blowing in the Parliament. Bhagwant Mann should realised that the Parliament is not an arena for any circus…being an MP comes with lot of responsibility and one should act accordingly.

Kashmir Update

The earnestness with which Mehbooba Mufti is functioning, is becoming a sore point for the separatists. If Mehbooba Mufti is able to generate employment amongst the youth in Kashmir, give impetus to tourism in the state, emphasise on development and instil a sense of confidence amongst people, it would hit the separatists hard and choke them. The separatists with the help of Pakistan are therefore trying their best to foment trouble for Mehbooba. The current situation is Kashmir is but an outcome of such a conspiracy. Under such circumstances, the National Conference and other parties should cement their differences and come together…after all this is about the state of Kashmir and about the nation at large.

Bhagwant Mann

After the 2001 Parliament attacks, security has been tightened at the Parliament…sensors and barricades have been installed and various security measures have been undertaken. Bhagwant Singh Maan, the AAP MP today recorded and uploaded a video of his entry into the Parliament on his Facebook. His reckless act of trying to garner accolades from a few people has ended up putting the Parliament security at risk. And what is worse is his justification of his act. One cannot expect an elected representative to behave in such a manner.