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Birbhum TMC clash

There is a role reversal of sorts in West Bengal. Earlier when the Left was ruling the state, elections were often marred by lot of violence. Mamata Banerjee had often blamed that the CPM for unleashing lawlessness in the state sheltering and supporting goons for furthering their cause. Mamata had relentlessly campaigned against the CPM for Bengal’s degeneration and was likewise voted to power with a thumping majority. However it appears that the same goons who were making bombs for the ruling CPM then, have now switched sides with the Trinamool. Almost every other day there are reports of violence from across the state and the assembly elections in West Bengal this year may turn out to be anything but peaceful.

MCD strike

Manish Sisodia has once again said that if the BJP can’t run MCD then fresh elections should be ordered. What Sisodia said, is actually the ultimate objective of Kejriwal. In fact, after taking over as Chief Minister, Kejriwal has said it hundred times that if BJP can’t run MCD then they should hand it over to Delhi government and that he would manage to run it on his own.


Manohar Parrikar has taken a bold decision in case of two Army generals, accused of indulging in corruption. Reports of bribery in defence contracts used to surface even in the past, but they were disposed off after holding internal enquiries. By ordering a CBI enquiry, Manohar Parrikar has proved that he will not hesitate in taking decisions even if the matter relates to corruption in the Army, irrespective of the rank and level of the accused persons.

Assam sonowal

In Assam, BJP had two candidates for CM post – Sarbananda Sonowal and Himanta Biswa Sarma. Sonowal is an old party worker who joined BJP from student politics. Himanta Biswa Sarma, on the other hand, crossed over to BJP from Congress a few months ago. A former MLA, he was a minister in Tarun Gogoi government. Sarma is affluent and popular but BJP preferred an old party worker over him. That’s why BJP parliamentary board has decided to make him party’s face in the upcoming Assembly elections in the state.

PDP Omar

Erstwhile J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has dared Mehbooba Mufti to hold fresh elections in the State. After her father’s death Mehbooba Mufti has so far maintained a silence over government formation. She has called a meeting with her party leaders at her residence on the 31st of January. She wants to gauge political situation in Kashmir and also assess the mood of the people in the state. Since she is yet to lay all her cards on the table or break away from the BJP-PDP alliance or form a new government, it has given Omar Abdullah the perfect ground to repeatedly raise the issue of fresh elections.

Shani Shingnapur temple

It is a century old tradition being followed over the years where by women are prohibited from entering the core area of the Shani Shingnapur temple in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. Worship is a personal choice and women devotees who want to enter the temple should be allowed to offer their prayers. Times have changed and there is nothing wrong in breaking away from this tradition, what is wrong is an attempt to resist such a change and rake up a controversy over this.

Padma Awards

What Dhirubhai Ambani has achieved in the field of business is unparalleled. What is remarkable is that from selling cloth on his cycle he went to establish India’s largest business empire. Given his contribution, he should have been awarded the Padma Vibhushan long back

Declassication of Netaji files

For the past 70 years, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s death has always been shrouded in mystery. Questions have been raised whether it was an accidental death or a natural one and when did he actually die? Post independence was Netaji live and in hiding? With the declassification of the files tomorrow on his birthday, all these doubts will finally be put to rest. Perhaps this is would be the most fitting tribute to Netaji who sacrificed his life for his country’s independence.

Pakistan terror attack

After today’s horrific terror attack in Peshawar, most people in Pakistan are of the opinion that the country is paying a price for not only having sheltered militants in its own soil but also having supported them for many years. These insurgents have become so powerful that neither the government nor the army or the ISI has any control over them and innocents are made to suffer. The country’s border with Afghanistan has become a safe haven for these terrorists who easily escape after causing bloodshed. Umar Mansoor, the man behind the Army School attack in 2104 and today’s attack is hiding in Afghanistan and from his hideout has even audaciously released a picture of those who carried out the attack.

Rohit Vemula suicide case

The entire issue is about student politics. It is about two groups with opposing ideologies but the manner in which it has been unfurling clearly points to vote bank politics. First it was a Minister who jumped into the fray which ended with a student committing suicide and now his death is being exploited on casteist lines by every political party. Unfortunately none of them seem to realise that such venomous and divisive politics for a few votes will only increase the already existing divide and make matters worse.

Kashmiri Pandits

An amount of 500 crore was budgeted last year for the homecoming of the Kashmiri Pandits in the valley. A place was also identified for their successful rehabilitation. There was considerable progress on this and talks were on between Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Mufti Mohammad Saeed. However with the sudden demise of Mufti, it has put a brake to this entire operation. Till a new government is formed and talks resume, it will perhaps take some time for the homecoming process to start anew.


The Jaish E Mohammad has been supported by the army in Pakistan. The outfit has received arms and weapons training. However after Jaish led by Masood Azhar made two attempts on his life, Parvez Musharraf had banned the group but the crackdown was only in paper. Not only has it regrouped itself with training centres all over Pakistan, the JeM is also believed to be responsible for the Pathankot Airbase attack. So far there were unconfirmed reports that Masood Azhar has been detained but today when the Defence Minister of Pakistan confirmed reports of his detention, there can be little doubt that Nawaz Sharif is serious about tackling terrorism in his own country. However a lot depends on how seriously the Pakistan Prime Minister is perceived is his own country.