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Clash between Delhi govt and DANICS officials

Officials in Delhi Govt are unhappy. There has been a fight between Arvind Kejriwal and some officers. Tomorrow all the DANICS and IAS officals will be on leave, which will be a mass leave. Delhi Govt has not changed its stand. It is not ready for any dialogue. Govt has said that if DANICS officals do not attend office, work will not hamper. Odd and Even formula will also happen. Actually this is Kejriwal’s biggest problem. He thinks that everyone else other than him are wrong. This has led to this mass agitation. Many officials are not cooperating with the Delhi Govt

Odd Even rule: Some important points to note

Two wheelers and cars in Delhi together make 84 lakhs vehicles. There are 55 lakhs two-wheelers and around 28 lakh cars. These 55 lakh two wheelers will be exempted from the Odd Even rule. Around 3.5 lakh cars are equipped with CNG and are also exempted. There will be no restrictions on govt, VIP, police, Ambulance and fire brigade vehicles. Around 14 lakh cars are exempted. Around 4 lakh cars don’t ply on the roads daily. Which means that only 10 lakh cars will be off the roads due to Odd and Even rule. Removing only 5 lakh cars from the roads. How will this help in reducing pollution in the city?

Sushma Swaraj

A majority of the people stuck in Saudi Arabia are unskilled workers who are not very literate. Such people are easy pickings for agents who lure them with the promise of a respectable job and good money, but end up working as bonded labour. Ideally, the government should train and empower these unskilled workers before they move abroad for employment. They should be educated on the rules and regulations prevailing in the country, and apprised of who and where to seek help in case of any emergency. Initiating steps like these could reduce the occurrence of such cases in the future.


Factionalism in the Congress party in Chhattisgarh is no new phenomenon and has resulted in constant controversies. Ajit Jogi is a seasoned leader and knows how to fix his opponents quite well. However, his son has been a cause of constant trouble for him. A tape with Amit Jogi offering money to a candidate had surfaced earlier as well. In another tape, he was heard talking about bribing a judge. However, these incidents never caused him any trouble since the party was not involved. This time, the escape will be difficult as he has been caught fixing a deal to remove a Congress candidate from the fray. The authenticity of these tapes, however, has not been established yet. The tapes should be examined and their authenticity proven before any action is initiated.

Delhi odd even formula

The Delhi government is all set to enforce the odd-even car plan from January 1. Police Commissioner BS Bassi said that a lot of effort is going in to it. However, the truth is that cars contribute just 9 per cent to Delhi’s pollution. According to a report drawn out by IIT Kanpur, road dust, at 56 per cent, is the biggest contributor to pollution in the national capital. This is followed by construction at 14 per cent and industries at 10 per cent. So, even with half the number of cars plying on Delhi roads during the application of the odd-even formula, the actual impact on reducing pollution levels will only be 4.5 per cent.

Bihar news

The last 72 hours have been witness to the murder of four engineers and a businessman in Bihar. When people watched the news of the kidnapping of a school student, it raised doubts in their minds over criminals in the state regaining ground and their morale being boosted. However, the government in Bihar is new and a few incidents should not be used to target its intent and capabilities. Nitish Kumar should be given a chance.

Gurgaon girl kidnapping case

It is a matter of relief that the girl has been recovered safely. However, the police is treading very carefully in this case and is not divulging too many details of the incident or the kidnappers. The police maintains that doing so will not be good for the security of the girl and her future.


The truth is that Iraqi forces are not sufficiently trained to face fierce terrorists. However, the environment created against terrorism in the past few months and countries uniting in their fight against terrorism has troubled terrorists. It has given hope of a day when ISIS will be completely decimated.


Congress has been ruling Assam for the past 15 years. However, it is today faced with excessive factionalism and revolt. BJP, on the other hand, has been fairly successful in the local body polls. As a result, BJP leaders are hopeful of success in Assam if they put in some effort. Still, Congress is deep-rooted in Assam and the BJP’s road to power may not be as easy as it appears to them.

Rahul Gandhi’s

Rahul Gandhi’s 56-day vacation in February this year left the Congress facing several uncomfortable questions. Even party heavyweights had no clue of his whereabouts or what he was up to. After Rahul’s return, the opposition left no opportunity to poke fun at him. While some said he went on a foreign tour to understand India’s problems, others ridiculed Rahul saying he was out to train on delivering better speeches and had started speaking well after his return. It is precisely to avoid such reactions that Rahul announced his vacation to Europe on Twitter as soon as he boarded the flight. When he returns now, people will ask him why he went on a foreign vacation when he is so critical of PM Modi’s foreign visits himself.


There have been controversies in the past few months over certain content published in the RSS mouthpiece Panchjanya and Organiser. This time though, it is the Congress’ turn to be embarrassed over ‘Congress Darshan’. Party leaders have held Sanjay Nirupam guilty of the gaffe simply because he has earlier worked for ‘Saamna’. Truth is that Nirupam is himself shocked how such controversial material found its way into the magazine which runs under his leadership. Actually, the individual who supposedly penned these articles on Nehru and Sonia Gandhi just did a copy-paste job. He carried a simple search on Google and lifted whatever he found without even reading it. Neither the editor went through the piece nor did any of his colleagues. Now that the article has been printed, the writer has been sacked and Sanjay Nirupam has had to tender an apology.

Asiya Andrabi

Asiya Andrabi is no well-known personality. She doesn’t have many followers and only has the support of a couple of people. She has a house in Srinagar where she hoists the Pakistani flag. She then posts these pictures on social networking sites and gets on the news. This is her way to remain in matters of discourse. When terrorists like Hafiz Saeed praise Asiya Andrabi and write letters to her, it satisfies her motives. Refraining from discussing individuals like Asiya Andrabi and not showing their pictures will automatically finish such people.