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Pakistan and Hafiz Saeed

Slowly we are coming to know about Pakistan’s mischief. Pakistan retracted on what it promised in Ufa. Now it is blaming India for spreading terror in Pakistan and giving excuses for its exit from talks. Hafiz Saeed and Pak’s defence minister are speaking in the same Now, we don’t need to specify that who is behind Pakistan’s government.

Arun Jaitley and Ram Jethmalani on OROP

What Arun Jaitley said on OROP is right. Revision of pension is not done every year anywhere in the world and it’s not possible as well. Retired armymen need to think out a new formula for their demands. Talking about Ram Jethmalani, whenever he befriends or gets angry with someone he follows that strictly. Jethmalani’s anger against Jaitley is since he was a law minister in Vajpayee govt and Atal ji sacked him for Arun Jaitley. Till date he accuses Jaitley for this. Today, Jethmalani is angry with PM Modi because even after he opposed Jaitley as Finance Minister, PM Modi gave this position to him. Now whatever Jaitley does, Jethmalani has problem with him, be it black money or CVC appointment or One Rank One Pension. This is what Ram Jethmalani is.

Kejriwal’s Law Ministry problem

During the poll campaign, Arvind Kejriwal had promised that he will order investigations to all scams during Sheila Dikshit’s regime. Kapil Mishra just did that, then why was he removed as Law Minister? Only Kejriwal can answer this. But the major aspect is, from the time Kejriwal has formed the govt in Delhi, the stars are not favoring the law ministry. Somnath Bharti was initially made the law minister, then he had to be removed. Then Jitender Tomar took the post, he was sent to jail. Next Kapil Mishra was made the new minister, he also left the post. Now Manish Sisodia has replaced him.

Law Commission’s suggestion on abolishing death sentence.

Nowadays, Indrani Mukherjea’s case is being widely discussed. She has been accused of mercilessly killing her daughter. Nithari case cannot be forgotten too where small children were killed. In Haryana, a girl killed her entire family. And even the Dec 16th gangrape case of Delhi. All these cases are still alive in people’s mind. All the criminals related to these cases should be shown mercy who never thought once before killing innocent people. This will be injustice to the society. The punishment should be harsh in all these cases. The Law Commission has just given a suggestion right now. Now this report will be handed over to the Law Ministry. Then whatever recommendations are accepted, it will be tabled in the Parliament. Then only there will be a decision.

NDA on seat sharing for Bihar polls

The BJP will have more problems than Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav in seat sharing for the Bihar polls. Lalu, Nitish and Congress have to join hands to fight PM Modi. That is why everyone agreed and came to a consensus on seat sharing. But the NDA leaders are confident of winning the polls in Bihar this time. That is why Paswan, Upendra Kushwaha and Jitan Ram Manjhi want the maximum share as if the govt is formed they will have more involvement. Right now everyone is saying that there is no differences, but the reality will be known only when seat sharing is announced.

Fall in crude oil prices

Currently the crude oil prices have fallen to a five year low in the international market. The oil imported by India costs around USD 47 per barrel. This has impacted us. A large portion of our import budget is for crude oil. That is why fall in rates will impact our economy. And at this time the whole world’s economy has gone for a toss because of China. India can be empowered because of this.

Supreme Court on Santhara

Santhara is an age old tradition. This is true that in our country suicide is against the law. Provoking suicide is also a crime. But in Santhara, no one provokes or no youth gives his life. This tradition is followed by aged people. Crores of people have faith in this tradition. This issue is related to their faith. That is why the court should also think in that perspective.

PM Modi and RSS meet

PM Modi will inform the RSS that what are his achievements in the past one and a half years. Where are the problems. RSS leaders will also give suggestions to the government. The bigger impact to this is that the opposition will start saying that RSS controls the government.

Population census

There’s nothing new in population analysis on the basis of religion and it has been a tradition. But during past few months, Hindu organizations have been saying about decreasing no. of Hindus and their low growth rate openly and sometimes from the backstage. Some people even advised Hindus to have more children. It is now clear that this census report will give boost to the points raised by people like Yogi Adiyanath and others earlier. They will now say that they were absolutely correct. However, we need to be aware that these things do not spread communalism and tension among the people.

Patel reservation row

It is difficult for the Gujarat government. On one side, there is people’s support, thousands of people are demanding and on the other side, there is Supreme Court’s guidelines. This is Gujarat govt’s obligation.The good news is Chief Minister Anandiben Patel did not make any false promises rather conveyed her helplessness. Hardik Patel is an educated man. He also knows the problem. But he has raised this issue which is emotional. It appeals the people. Members of one community get together. With such an intensity, these protests will surely create pressure on our leaders but not on the Court. For the sake of votes, reservations were given in states like Maharshtra, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. But the result was clear.

PM Modi on call drop

Real reason of call drop is lack of mobile towers. There is a need to raise the number of mobile towers. Companies are ready to set up more towers. But they say that court orders do not permit them to set up more towers. The order states that towers cannot be erected at residential areas, public places and hospitals. This is a major roadblock. Ravi Shankar Prasad has tried to get a solution to this problem. He has written to all the states asking them to allow setting up of mobile towers across all government buildings. May be we can see some relief.

BJP’s victory in Bengaluru local body polls

This was a local body election but has a major political impact. BJP governs states like Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh and BJP was victorious in the local body polls recently held there. Rahul Gandhi even raised the issue of resignation of Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Vasundhara Raje. He did not even allow the Parliament to function. But Congress governs Karnataka, and the party lost the local body polls in Bengaluru. This loss might cause worry for Rahul Gandhi.