Rajat Sharma

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PM Modi’s OROP promise

The nation has full sympathies to retired army men and hope that their demands will be accepted within a day or two. The govt will announce One Rank One Pension. However it is clear that in last 24 years Congress and BJP have been making promises on this issue but no one fulfilled. PM Narendra Modi had promised retired army soldiers of OROP ahead of elections and the good thing is that he still remembers it and is trying to implement. But the bad thing is it has been too late now.

Digvijaya’s comment causes trouble for Congress and its Bihar allies

Analysing Owaisi’s views and his comments, it is not difficult to believe that Owaisi might be a BJP agent. Hence, the way Digvijaya Singh has attacked Owaisi, called him an agent of the BJP, will cause problems not only for the Congress but also to Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad Yadav. Another thing is that Owaisi will file a defamation case against Digvijaya Singh.

Special session of Parliament for GST bill

Current economic condition of the world is an opportunity for India. The nation needs to improve its condition at the earliest. Taking this into account, Congress should not protest the GST bill because govt is bringing the same bill that was made during Manmohan Singh’s regime with few amendments and today we need this. But looking at Rahul Gandhi’s actions, it looks like the Congress will protest. The central govt has full majority in Lok Sabha. Samajwadi Party, BSP, Trinamool Congress and Biju Janta Dal also supports the govt in Rajya Sabha. The government is trying its best to push the bill in the Parliament. If the Congress does not support them on this, it will take help of other Opposition parties and pass the bill in Rajya Sabha. This will isolate Congress and is not a good thing for them.

NDA seat sharing in Bihar

Pashupati Paras has said that the Election Commission will announce the dates for polls in Bihar on September 5. Nitish and Lalu’s party men have started campaigning. If seat sharing is not discussed early, how will the candidates prepare for the polls? Actually before every polls, there is always a fight on seat sharing between parties. This is what is happening within the NDA. The BJP wants the discussion on seat sharing should be done once the dates are announced which will disallow leaders to switch sides on the last moment.

Agitation by Patels for reservation in Gujarat

Patel community contributes to 20% of Gujarat’s population. The state’s Chief Minister is also a Patel. Six ministers of the state govt are also from the Patel community. This community is considered an ocean in Gujarat. They have contributed a lot in Gujarat’s development. Hence it is difficult to understand that the community is economically backward. But if the Patels want reservation, then govt should engage in dialogues with them. The govt should try and understand that what is the reason behind their agitation.

The Indo-Pak NSA-level meet that never took place

There were three main points in the Ufa agreement. First, there will be talks at the NSA level, there will talks on terror. After this, BSF and Pakistan Rangers DG will meet to ease tensions at the border and discuss ceasefire violations. Third, the DGMOs will meet and bring peace at the border. This will create an atmosphere for talks at the Foreign Secretary level. Kashmir and all other outstanding issues will be discussed. But Pakistan decided to put a speedbraker at the first level itself. Last time when the talks failed, it took more than a year to get things back on track. Now it will be difficult to say on when and how will Indo-Pak talks begin.

Ramgopal Yadav’s statement on SP leaders

What Ramgopal Yadav is trying to make us understand is right. It is in the will of the Samajwadi Party. But who will listen? Mulayam Singh Yadav has been telling this to his Samajwadi Party workers for the past one and a half years. But of no use. Just last week a tape of an ex-Samajwadi Party MP went viral on the social media. This video showed us that Mulayam Singh allegedly threatens a district magistrate. Ramgopal Yadav said if the party leaders stop extorting money from people, stop confiscating people’s property and stop criminal activities, then victory for the party is not far away.

‘Acche Din’ debate

In its poll campaign, the BJP raised the slogan ‘Acche Din’. They used this slogan throughout the poll campaign. BJP leaders were involved in a tussle on who coined this slogan. Now that Narendra Singh Tomar, an Union Minister, says that BJP never promised anything like this and never used it, then what to say. When Amit Shah said that depositing Rs 15 lakh in the account was a poll gimmick, the BJP is still clarifying on this till date. Now what Narendra Tomar has said, will be used as a tool by the Opposition to attack the party which will find it difficult to clarify.

Incredible opporutunity for India to win a Test series in SL after 22 years

A major event took place in the history of cricket. Today, Sri Lanka’s Kumar Sangakkara retired from the world of cricket. He will be missed by the Lankan cricket team. After 22 years of wait, India has an incredible opportunity to win a Test series in Sri Lanka.

DRDO and Swami Ramdev join hands for food supplements

Swami Ramdev had constructed India’s Mega Food Park. Whatever is produced in this park, like juices, oil, flour, soap or toothpaste, all are absolutely pure. The food park is in demand in the Ghee market. This is why DRDO has given responsibility of producing food supplement to Swami Ramdev’s food park. It is not surprising and results will show.

Onion price rise is affecting the masses

Onion prices have risen due to hoardings and shortfall in cultivation of the crop. If the government takes action against hoarding, then prices are expected to fall. Government is importing onions to meet the demand. To de-motivate export, prices have been raised. There will be repercussions. But this is a fact that onions are bringing down tears from people’s eyes. Onion theft is being reported now. Yesterday, around 750kgs of onions were stolen from a shop. Now police is on a lookout for the thieves.


The whole world knows that Dawood Ibrahim stays in Pakistan but he has invested his blackmoney in Dubai. He has businesses worth crores there. If the UAE govt restricts his businesses, seals his properties, then he would lose his spy line. This will be a major achievement for India, pressure would build on Dawood.