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PM on Kashmir

By raising the Kashmir issue, it is worth noting that the Prime Minister instead of his advisors, has decided to take over the reins. He has realised it is important to engage with the people of Kashmir. To deal with terrorists, weapons are needed but when civilians start taking to the streets, when the youth start picking up stones, it is necessary to work out a solution through discourse. Incase people are doubtful of the government’s intentions or are mislead by a few, the Government is equipped with the biggest machinery – Mehbooba Mufti’s support. The entire valley will reap the benefits for a long time if the Government is able to take them into confidence.

Kalikho Pul found dead

Former Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Kalikho Pul’s death is hard to believe especially for a man whose life was fraught with struggle, a man who faced obstacles right from his childhood and despite all hardships managed to triumph…it is indeed beyond belief. There should be a proper probe on his death and the truth must come out.

Irom Sharmila ends 16 year old fast

16 years ago when ten people had died in an encounter with the security forces, Irom Sharmila had started her hunger strike. She had adopted a democratic approach to protest thereby garnering support from people all across the globe. She came to be known as the ‘iron lady’. People of Manipur have a high regard for her. Political parties are now extending invitations to her since they are well aware that if she joins politics, there could be a major turnaround in Manipur’s political scene.


The manner in which violence was being perpetrated in the name of beef or ‘gau raksha’, it seemed as if it had the tacit support of Modi, his government, the party and perhaps even the RSS. However the way the Prime Minister has come down heavily promising stern action against the cow vigilante groups, it has proved all such notions wrong. The opposition will perhaps now complain what took the PM so long to have made a statement after almost 20 days and what prevented him from raising this in the Parliament.

Gujarat CM

Amit Shah had already made up his mind that Vijay Rupani would be made the Chief Minister of Gujarat. The decision to make Nitin Patel the Deputy CM was primarily based on the ‘patidar’ factor since a non Patel CM would further alienate the party from community. The BJP had to make this adjustment. The party has had its CMs in many states but this is for the first time that a Deputy CM has been announced which proves that Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are clearly worried at the growing discontentment amongst the Patidar community. However despite this, they have chosen to make Rupani the CM of Gujarat.

Rajnath Singh on Pak Terror

It is commendable that Rajnath Singh dealt with Pakistan with an iron hand and ticked them off in no uncertain terms on the issue of terrorism. It is equally laudable that Rajnath Singh clearly outlined India’s stand and warned them against interfering in Kashmir. In the past India has always made its position clear but perhaps this is for the first time that a country’s Home Minister went to Pakistan and gave them a reality check in their own land.

Delhi HC on LG

Arvind Kejriwal knows it all. Initially he had tried to bypass the Lt Governor, then made a huge noise against the Centre and finally himself went to the High Court. Being well aware of the outcome, he tried to approach the Supreme Court in order to thwart the High Court judgement. The apex court after reprimanding him sent him back to the high Court which has categorically stated that the Delhi government cannot take any decision without the approval of the LG. This is as per the Constitution and Arvind Kejriwal would have to abide by it.

SAARC Summit in Pakistan

Pakistan has used the SAARC forum to highlight its discord with India. It is not surprising that Pakistan blocked out Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s speech since this is in their habit to do so. Why Rajnath Singh skipped lunch is also not the issue here rather the bigger question is about Pakistan’s double standards on terrorism. Rajnath Singh made India’s stand very clear on this while Pakistan was left with no answers.

Pakistan’s terror link

Pakistan feels that it can send terrorists to India, equip them with weapons and create havoc in Kashmir without the world knowing it. However the whole world is aware of the country’s true colours where terrorism is concerned. The US has decided to hold up military funds to Pakistan. The Pentagon has outlined that the country was not taking sufficient action against terror. Even on the issue of Kashmir, Pakistan received a blow from the United Nations which categorically stated that Kashmir is a problem between India and Pakistan and there would be no third party intervention.

Rajnath Singh in Pakistan

It is indeed a bit shocking to note that India’s most wanted terrorist Hafiz Saeed is allowed to hold protests at the same site where the SAARC Summit is being held and is also allowed to spew venom against India. Perhaps what is more baffling is that on the one hand Pakistan has extended a warm welcome to Home Minister Rajnath Singh, on the other hand Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif terms Kashmir ‘not India’s internal matter’. One can hope that tomorrow Rajnath Singh is able to remove such wrong notions harboured by the Pak PM.

New Gujarat CM

Nitin Patel is being made the Chief Minister of Gujarat primarily to placate the Patidar community which is already at loggerheads with the BJP . Had a non Patel been appointed, the party’s problems would have increased manifold. It was possible only during Narendra Modi’s time in Gujarat when neither the Chief Minister nor the Party Chief belonged to the Patel community and yet the community stood by Modi. Influential leaders like Keshubhai Patel failed to bring down Modi’s support base but with Anandiben Patel, the narratives changed completely. Even though they may not be too happy by making Nitin Patel the CM of Gujarat, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have no other alternative left for them.

Anandi Ben Patel

It is quite apparent that her age is being cited as an excuse. Anandi Ben Patel’s exit was decided during the Patidar agitation which she failed to handle deftly. Her tenure as the CM was proving to be costly for the BJP. However a decision is yet to be taken on who would replace her. The recent assault on the Dalits in Una which snowballed into a major controversy, left the BJP with no other option but to remove her. Interms of efficiency, Vijay Rupani could make his mark as the CM but Nitin Patel who belongs to the Patidar community could emerge as the front runner since the powerful Patidar community which is upset with the BJP has always had a major role to play in the politics of Gujarat.