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AKB30 The chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath is my guest in AAP KI ADALAT show this week. A soft-spoken man, but with a clear and sharp mind, Yogi replied to all my questions without any obfuscation. In the show, Yogi Adityanath clearly said, Narendra Modi will become Prime Minister for the third term when results will be out on June 4. He said, there is no ‘agar’ or ‘magar’ (ifs or buts), Modi will win. He says, the people of the country want to see Modi as PM again. He also spoke about Uniform Civil Code, which, he said, will be implemented by Modi government. Yogi also said, after June 4, Rahul Gandhi will have to sing the Bollywood song ‘Chal Ud Jaa Re Panchhi, Yeh Desh Hua Begaana’. On Friday, Rahul Gandhi, addressing a Kannauj rally with SP chief Akhilesh Yadav, had predicted that BJP will face its biggest loss in UP. Yogi said, “If Rahul was so optimistic, why didn’t his party contest all 80 seats in UP? Why did he go to Wayanad leaving Amethi?” Yogi clearly said, after June 4, the birds (of Congress-SP alliance) will fly to different places. He said, “Their policy is, Mil Ke Lutengey, Haare Toh Dil Tutenge”. When I spoke about Main Shankar Aiyar saying that we should give respect to Pakistan as it has atom bombs, Yogi replied immediately: “Has India kept its atom bombs inside a fridge?” When I asked about BJP leader Navneet Rana challenging the Owaisi brothers in Hyderabad to “give 15 seconds”, Yogi said, ” she is right. It will be done in 15 seconds. Laaton Ke Bhoot Baaton Se Nahin Maantey. They should be given such a dose”. The most surprising part of the show was, for nearly two minutes, the audience shouted Yogi, Yogi, when he entered the recording studio. Yogi also spoke about Ram temple, how it has changed the face of an old town named Ayodhya. He also spoke on Muslim reservation and Modi government’s achievements. You can watch the entire riveting show on India TV tonight (Saturday) at 10 pm, and the repeat telecast will be on Sunday at 10 am and 10 pm.

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