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World’s largest cricket stadium in Ahmedabad is ready for inauguration

akb0612The world’s largest cricket stadium, one of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream projects, is ready for inauguration next month in Ahmedabad.

Built at a cost of nearly Rs 700 crore, it has a seating capacity of 1,10,000, bigger than the Melbourne Cricket Ground, which has a capacity of 1,00,000 spectators.

Named after Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, this cricket stadium in Motera, has world class facilities. To facilitate spectators for uninterrupted viewing of matches, no pillar has been erected which can block their view. Environmentally, this is a ‘green stadium’ and not a single drop of water will go waste because of a waste water management plant. Water that is used in the stadium will be treated for use on the ground.

This stadium was planned when Narendra Modi was chief minister of Gujarat and president of Gujarat Cricket Association. Work on the stadium began in 2017 and it is now ready within three years.

The stadium has a food court and hospitality area in every stand. There is space for an indoor cricket academy equipped with indoor practice pitch. There is also a 55-room club house, space for outdoor and indoor games and facilities for 40 other sports, an Olympic size swimming pool and a well-equipped gym.

This stadium will have connectivity with Ahmedabad Metro. It has a parking space for 3,000 cars and nearly 10,000 two-wheelers.

Floodlights installed in this stadium are quite different from those in other stadiums. Normally, floodlights are installed on tall towers, but floodlights imported from Holland have been installed on the roof of this stadium. These floodlights will not cast reflection on the eyes of players. In other words, fielders will not face problems while taking a high catch.

The stadium at Motera has 75 corporate boxes, compared to only 20 to 25 corporate boxes found in other stadiums of India. There will also be a presidential suite.

After watching detailed visuals of this stadium today, I can only say this: Prime Minister Modi always things big, very big. This is not only a cricket stadium, it is India’s pride, like the world’s tallest Statue of Unity. After watching these two marvels, any Indian will definitely have a sense of pride in his or her heart.

There are speculations that the US President Donald Trump may get a fabulous reception in this stadium when he visits India next month. Just imagine Trump watching more than a lakh people packed inside a stadium chanting ‘Modi, Modi’ slogans.

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