Rajat Sharma

Why was there no proper planning for demonetisation?

It is true that when a major policy decision like demonetisation is taken, people do face problems for sometime, but this could have been avoided through meticulous planning. When R 500 and R 100 notes were being demonetised, the authorities should have anticipated the problems that the common people would face on a gigantic scale and should have planned accordingly. The Centre must now immediately start plans to alleviate the problems being faced by common people at all ATMs and banks. Common people, housewives, daily wage labourers, small traders have been leaving their homes and shops for the last three days and queuing outside banks and ATMs for hours, but at many places, cash is soon exhausted. These problems did not crop up all of a sudden. The banks knew such problems would arise, but no solutions were planned in advance. Because of lack of cash, trade in small and big markets, footfalls at cinemahalls and shopping malls have almost come to a standstill. Urgent steps are needed to ensure that there is adequate cash flow to the common people.

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