Rajat Sharma

Why PM Modi said, protecting public properties is the duty of all citizens

akb3010In a strong attack on anti-CAA protesters, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday called on citizens to protect public properties from being vandalized during protests. Modi questioned how anybody can justify the manner in which public properties were destroyed by protesters. “Whatever was torched, was it not for the use of their children?”, he asked.

It is now almost common to see protesters damaging railway tracks and setting fire to buses and police vehicles during violent protests. Nobody stops rioters from doing this because people in general do not consider public property as national property. We have to bring a change in mindsets. Public properties are created with our own taxes and for our own benefit. Damaging public property is akin to damaging one’s own property.

All those miscreants who damaged public properties must be severely dealt with. Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath has taken the initiative in this regard. Authorities have started identifying miscreants who have damaged public properties. Their pictures are being flashed and most of them have now gone underground to evade the hands of law.

Such miscreants must be identified and legal processes must be initiated to seize their properties to compensate for the losses they have inflicted on public property. Such action will act as a deterrence for such miscreants from repeating similar acts in future and there would be fear of law in the minds of rioters. Care must be taken to ensure that innocent citizens are not harassed by police and not subjected to police excesses.

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