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Why Pakistan is resorting to jingoism, sabre rattling over Kashmir

akbPakistan on Wednesday night carried out a night time launch test of its ballistic missile ‘Ghaznavi’, capable of delivering multiple types of warheads up to 290 kms. Three aviation routes in the Karachi air space have been closed till August 31 for such missile tests. Though there is nothing spectacular about this short-range missile, the video was immediately shared by the Pakistani army on social media to create a media hype.

This also clearly shows that a desperate Pakistan, after being snubbed diplomatically, is now resorting to jingoism and warmongering in order to attract world attention to the Kashmir issue.

In my show ‘Aaj Ki Baat’ on Wednesday night, I had revealed how Pakistani army is busy deploying its troops in Pak Occupied Kashmir. Three army brigades have been deployed in Kotli area near the Line of Control. Pakistani troops have also been deployed in Sunderbani, Batalla, Nowshera and Rajouri sectors.

The Cabinet Committee on Security met on Wednesday to evaluate the situation across the LoC. It has been decided that Pakistan will be given a strong response if it dares to carry out any adventurist plan. There are intelligence reports of Pakistani army preparing to infiltrate nearly 300 trained terrorists at launch pads near the LoC.

India, on its part, will be getting next month nearly 100 Spice 2000 air-to-ground guided bombs from Israel to counter the enemy threat. This is an advanced version compared to the Spice 2000 bombs used by IAF during its Balakot air strike.

Clearly, the Pakistani civilian and army establishment is desperate. After failing to secure support from world powers over the Kashmir issue, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is now resorting to jingoism and has warned about a nuclear conflagration. Imran Khan’s Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid, in an alarmist response, has even predicted a fifth Indo-Pak war.

Sheikh Rashid’s words cannot be ignored and taken lightly. He has clearly predicted that a war will take place in October-November and there was no use going to the UN to highlight Kashmir issue. He has also given a call to all Muslims to rise in ‘jihad’ war against India. He criticized Arab countries saying though there were Islamic, they were more busy selling crude oil.

On the war cry from across the border, Pakistan should remember that India has defeated its neighbour at least four times in the past. As for the ‘jihad’ call to Muslims, the Pakistani leaders should realize that the Muslims of India have always been valiant and patriotic in all wars that India has so far fought against Pakistan.

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