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Why Modi chose March 25 for enforcing nationwide 21-day lockdown

akb3010March 25 was Day 1 of 21-day nationwide lockdown. In most of the places, people stayed in their homes, except for some places in Gujarat, Delhi, Mumbai and UP, where police had to act sternly and FIRs were lodged against offenders. Those who are still not aware of the threat that is looming over all of us, should now be cautious.

The Prime Minister has appealed in whatever way he could, by folding his hands, and by explaining to all the necessity of social distancing and staying at home. Please understand: there is no cure for Coronavirus. If you are infected, you will put your life, the lives of your family members and your neighbours at risk. Stay at home. Coronavirus does not differentiate between the rich and the poor, it can strike anybody.

People are dying in large numbers in Italy, USA and Iran. These countries made the mistake of ignoring social distancing and did not enforce lockdown at the right time. We do not want this pandemic to spread widely in India. God forbid, if it happenes, we may be seeing dead bodies on the roadside. Our government has enforced lockdown at the right time and we should strictly adhere to guidelines and stay at home. Please, for God’s sake, discharge your duty as a responsible citizen.

Please try to understand why our PM chose this time for lockdown.

March 25 was the first day of Navratri, Gudi Padwa, Ram Navami is on April 2, Mahavir Jayanti on April 6, Good Friday on April 10, Ambedkar Jayanti on April 14,. Five holidays, with three Saturdays and three Sundays thrown in betwteen. Eleven holidays in all out a total of 21 days. It is Modi’s shrewd timing that he announced the lockdown at a time when people will face less difficulties. Millions of people observe fast during Navratras. So the choice of dates for lockdown was made carefully.

I have been in the field of journalism for 37 years. I have seen from close range, many Prime Ministers working in times of crisis. The manner in which Prime Minister Modi has handled this global pandemic is praiseworthy. He deserves our fullest support in this hour of national crisis.

At a time when world leaders are at their wits’ end on how to deal with the pandemic, Modi first tested the waters through Janata Curfew and then announced complete lockdown by gaining the confidence and support of the people. The world has never seen such a massive exercise in as big as a country like India. It is our good fortune that the nation’s leadership is in the able hands of Narendra Modi.

On one hand, he is keeping a close watch on how big nations are tackling the pandemic, analyzing solutions, and on the other hand, he is supervising micro-level implementation of healthcare measures and lockdown in our war against Coronavirus. Let us make this 21-day lockdown a resounding success.

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