Rajat Sharma

Why leaders in Pakistan are now jittery?

Post-Uri attack, the political leadership in Pakistan had presumed, wrongly, that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would call for an all-out war or a surgical strike, but Modi did not oblige them. Instead, our Prime Minister sought to create a gulf between the people and political leaders of Pakistan, by calling for a war on poverty. Recent remarks from political leaders in Pakistan indicate that they now appear to be jittery, and are trying to boost the morale of their people through jingoistic statements. The Pakistani leadership is worried after India clearly indicated it would reduce the flow of water from Indus river and review bilateral trade relations. The leadership is now at a loss as to how to respond. That is why its political leaders and army officials are now speaking of war and hostilities. We also hear jingoistic voices on Pakistan’s TV news channels. After External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj told the UN General Assembly that Pakistan has become the Ivy League of terrorism and was exporting terrorists, the Defence Minister of Pakistan spoke about his country getting ready for a war. The Pakistani minister apparently forgot that war strategies are not disclosed sitting inside TV studios. They are resorting to jingoism only to boost the flagging morale of their people. They seem to have forgot that war is fought on the field. Time has now come to declare Pakistan a terrorist state. India needs this. I have myself signed an online petition to the White House. As per rules, a petition requires one lakh signatures for the White House to reply within 60 days, but a petition from India should carry not one lakh, but one crore signatures! I, therefore, appeal to all of you to sign the petition. Just log in to http://petitions.whitehouse.gov/ go to We The People Petitions, and sign before October 21.

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