Rajat Sharma

Why Imran Khan said he is ‘disappointed’

AKBPakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan hurriedly called a press conference in New York on Tuesday night after the meeting between US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A dejected looking Imran Khan said: “To be absolutely frank, I am a bit disappointed by the international community (over Kashmir).”

The Pakistani PM added: “The reaction would have been different and more urgent had it been eight million Europeans or the Jewish people or Americans…There is no pressure on Narendra Modi to lift the siege.”

Clearly, Imran Khan and the Pakistani army have lost the diplomatic battle over Kashmir. They tried their utmost to internationalize the issue of revocation of Article 370, which was clearly a domestic matter for India.

I think Imran Khan is neither worried over Prime Minister Modi’s diplomatic victory nor he is concerned about Kashmir. Before emplaning for New York, Imran Khan had promised the Pakistani people that he would create a storm in the international arena over Kashmir, but now that he will return with empty hands, he has much to answer for before his countrymen.

Judging by the ferocious attacks that are being launched by the opposition parties against Imran Khan over his “failure” over Kashmir diplomacy, and watching the tone and tenor of TV news channel debates in Pakistan, many uncomfortable questions are being asked. Clearly, Imran Khan looks worried and it appears that he is fighting a losing battle.

Time has come for Imran Khan and the army establishment to realize that no big power in the world, except China, wants to help Pakistan because of its dubious reputation as the cradle of Islamic jihadi terrorism. Our External Affairs Minister summed it up succinctly in a single sentence: “there can be no talks with Terroristan”. The sooner the Pakistani army understands the import of this statement, the better.

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