Rajat Sharma

Why are new currency notes in short supply?

It is more than a month since the government decided to withdraw Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes from circulation, and yet the queues at ATMs and banks continue. Bank officials say they are short of cash, and ATMs also face the same cash crunch. The government has been claiming that the RBI has provided adequate number of new high-denomination currency notes to the banks, but the common man standing in the queue is now asking: where have the new currency notes vanished? People who had been supporting Prime Minister Modi’s demonetisation move have started suspecting that a huge quantity of new currency notes have been siphoned off from the banks to well-connected people and the common people have to stand for hours in queues. This perception could cause problems for the government in the long run. The government has now started scrutinising the transactions of banks and those hoarding new currency notes are being raided and nabbed. Yet the government has to give a convincing answer as to why new currency notes have not reached the common people in sufficient numbers.

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