Rajat Sharma

Virat Kohli deserves praise

Indian Test captain Virat Kohli deserves fulsome praise for not only making DRS an issue, but for also exposing the Australian team. Nobody expected such an attitude from a renowned player like Aussie captain Steve Smith. One can see the replay in which Smith was awaiting a signal from the pavilion before going in for DRS. Smith knew he had only one chance left to seek DRS, and this surely went against a sportsman’s spirit. Such a behaviour from the captain of a professional team like Australia is shameful. India TV cricket expert Ravi Shastri has rightly praised Virat Kohli’s captaincy and he is hopeful of a repeat Indian win in Ranchi Test. Kohli had created a record of sorts by not losing 18 Tests in a row. His team lost the first Test to Australia, but it goes to the skipper’s credit that he did not lose hope, fought bravely with his men in the next Test and won. Such an attitude makes a player great and Virat Kohli has surely done that.

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