Rajat Sharma

Use of indelible ink has helped in shortening queues

It is gratifying to note that the use of indelible ink on the forefinger of those exchanging money in banks has resulted in shortening of queues, as some people were exchanging old currency notes multiple times in the absence of any such restriction. Some experts had doubted and mocked at the government’s decision to use indelible ink, but this method has helped. There is another suggestion for banks to issue tokens to people desirous of exchanging or depositing money. This will do away with long queues outside banks and people can use their time for other productive uses instead of standing in queues for long hours. One should admire the resilience and untiring efforts of bank employees across India who are engaged in executing the demonetisation plan. The overall work is gigantic and the resources at the disposal of the government are limited, but one hopes, we will soon tide over the cash crunch crisis.

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