Rajat Sharma

Torture and rape of women are unpardonable crimes

aaj ki baat_frame_438Two incidents, one in Rewari, Haryana, and the other in West Delhi rocked the collective conscience of the nation on Friday.

In the first incident, a girl who stood first in her district in the CBSE examination and was awarded by the President, was gang raped by three youths from her village. She was going to her coaching class, when these youths accosted and drugged her, took her to a lonely place and gang raped her. They then left her, bruised, at a bus stop, and one of the culprits rang up the parents to collect her.

Such an act is a blot on humanity. Though some opposition leaders have tried to gain political capital out of it, the fact remains that this is not a political issue. No government or police can prevent such incidents, where the victim trusts her acquaintances and is then raped. The girl trusted the youths from her village, but if known acquaintances commit such a heinous crime, whom should the parents trust? I have been told several times by senior police officials that in most rape cases, the culprits were either known to the victim, or were close relatives. This is surely a worrying trend in our society.

The second crime in West Delhi is more heinous. Here, the son of an assistant sub-inspector of Delhi Police was shown on a video, brutally bashing up a girl inside a deserted call centre, and when the video went viral, the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh swung into action, and asked Delhi Police Commissioner to take immediate action. The policeman’s son was arrested within hours. It transpired that the culprit had beaten up and raped another girl too.

The culprit will get his due punishment, but his entire family and parents will have to bear the ignominy of this delinquent son. They stand disgraced before society. In one video, we saw the policeman scolding his son and the son misbehaving with his father. The moral of the lesson is: parents should discipline their offsprings from childhood, and show them what is right and what is wrong. This video should serve as a lesson to all parents in our society.

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