Rajat Sharma

Those who attacked doctors, nurses, must be punished, they are enemies of society

akb0612I am really shocked to see videos of people belonging to a community pelting stones and spitting at doctors, nurses and other staff during door-to-door survey for Coronavirus in Indore.

Similarly in Munger, Bihar, people attacked police when they came to collect the body of an eight-year-old girl suspected to have died of Coronavirus. The crowd tried to prevent police from taking his family members for quarantine.

In Karnataka and Telangana, Asha workers who had gone to localities to spread awareness about Coronavirus were attacked and manhandled. In Jaipur, a crowd attacked doctors who had gone to a locality to trace people who had come in contact with Coronavirus patients. In Rampur, UP, people pelted stones from rooftops at police who were announcing lockdown in the streets.

Indore police have arrested the culprits who attacked the medical team and they have been booked under National Security Act. Indore has become the hotspot for Coronavirus pandemic, with 75 out of 98 cases in Madhya Pradesh originating from this city. Jaipur police had to conduct flag march in Ramganj after a mob thrashed doctors. A drone surveillance was later carried out.

The attacks on doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, police in the midst of Coronavirus pandemic are, to say the least, heinous. These Corona warriors have their own families to look after, but they are toiling day and night to protect us from the scourge of the virus.

In a locality in Bengaluru, a Muslim mob heckled and manhandled Asha workers who had gone there to spread awareness about the virus. Their cellphones and hand bags were snatched away. In Nizamabad, Telangana, another mob threatened a group of Asha workers and forced them to flee.

I want to ask the people of Indore who spitted and pelted stones at doctors a question. Tell me, were these lady doctors committing a crime? They were only doing their duty in this hour of national crisis, trying to find out persons who came in contact with Coronavirus victims. They have their own family members to look after. A handful of such hooligans have brought a bad name to the city of Indore. Mere condemnation will not do, the guilty must be punished.

With sadness, I want to say, those who attacked our doctors, health workers and nurses are enemies of our society. Just think for a moment. If these health care workers withdraw from work, who will save us from Coronavirus pandemic? God forbid, if this pandemic spreads in India, who will be out there to save us?

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