Rajat Sharma

The Two Faces of Kashmir

Aaj Ki Baat 13th June 2017 This is the story of 13-year-old Arif Dar from a village in Pulwama, who was a bright cricketer studying in 8th standard. Arif, who had never ever thrown a stone, one day left home with Rs 70 and joined the terrorists. Arif Dar is today the right-hand man of the militant commander, Abu Dujana.

Dar was brainwashed by the militants to join their gang. Contrast this with the stellar work being done by the Indian Army, which provided 11-month coaching to 35 Kashmiri youths under the Super 40 scheme to crack IIT-JEE. Out of them, 28 students cleared JEE Mains, and nine of them qualified further to pass JEE Advanced exam and are now set to join IITs. The rest are eligible to join the NITs.

Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat, on Tuesday, personally met each of these Kashmiri youths and lauded them for their efforts. In one stroke, the Army Chief has replied to those politicians who had labelled him as ‘Sadak ka goonda’. The Army has shown how a constructive approach can change the lives of Kashmiri youths. These young minds need opportunities, support and a little bit of love. None of the parents in the Kashmir Valley want their sons to become terrorists, but the hard fact is that the separatists indoctrinate these gullible youths by showing them jihadi videos of hate speeches and acts. The youths then take up the gun, and by the time, they find out the truth, it becomes too late for them to retrace their steps. The need of the hour is to keep the path of conciliation open for such misguided youths.

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