Rajat Sharma

The Sooner Triple Talaq is Abolished, The Better

Triple TalaqOn Friday, the Union Cabinet approved the bill to ban Triple Talaq among Muslims. While Muslim women have welcomed this bill, several Maulanas and Muslim leaders have opposed this, saying the government must not interfere in Muslim personal law. Among Islamic scholars, the respected Shia scholar Maulana Kalbe Jawwad is a notable exception. He has said that Triple Talaq is anathema to the tenets of Holy Quran. There are 16 Islamic countries in the world which have declared Triple Talaq as illegal. These include Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Sudan and UAE. In that case, how can Triple Talaq be legal in India? The Maulanas have been saying that the community should be left on its own to eradicate this social evil. But has anything been done in the last several decades? Muslim women deserve the right to be treated as equal. Why should they live in perennial fear of Triple Talaq? Why should a man utter Triple Talaq just because his wife has not cooked to his satisfaction, or has not washed clothes properly? In some cases, Muslim women as old as 70 years have been given Triple Talaq. Why should Muslim women suffer in a world which is witnessing the 21st century? The Union Cabinet approved this bill only after the Supreme Court in its landmark judgement asked the government to enact such a law. How can this be termed as interference in religious matters? One should welcome this bill, and the sooner it is enacted, the better.

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