Rajat Sharma

The significance of Trump attending Modi’s event in Houston

akb1709 US President Donald Trump will join Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the ‘Howdy Modi!’ mega rally in Houston, Texas on September 22. Both the leaders will be addressing a record crowd of more than 50,000 Indian-Americans at the event.

The ‘Howdy Modi!’ event will be the first time that a US president will be addressing a gathering of Indian-Americans at one place. On Monday, Modi tweeted: “The special gesture of President Donald Trump to join us in Houston highlights the strength of the relationship and the recognition of the contribution of the Indian community to American society and economy”.

The coming together of President Trump and Prime Minister Modi at a mega rally inside the US signifies the emergence of our PM as one of the top leaders of the world. It also denotes the tremendous amount of respect that the world powers have towards India.

Of course, there are critics in India who are trying to connect Trump joining Modi’s rally to the forthcoming US presidential elections later next year. These Modi baiters say that Trump is more interested in the votes of Indian American citizens.

I want to tell them this is not the first time that elections are being held in the US. There had been elections in the past, and the votes of Indian-Americans were counted by American leaders as vital. But never had a US president shared stage with an Indian prime minister for addressing the Indian diaspora in the US.

This development should be seen as a big achievement for our foreign policy makers. It also marks the emergence of India on the international stage as a country respected by world powers, and of course, the acceptance of Narendra Modi as a world leader respected by his contemporaries.

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