Rajat Sharma

The curious case about breach in Priyanka Gandhi’s security

akbHome Minister Amit Shah clarified in Rajya Sabha on Tuesday that the security breach at Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi’s home last week was an “unlikely coincidence”.

On November 25, the family members of a district Congress leader from Meerut came in a black-coloured vehicle around the same time when Rahul Gandhi was supposed to come to meet his sister in a similarly black-coloured vehicle of the same make. The family members were allowed to enter the residence without any physical checks, and they went straight to Priyanka for a selfie.

“The car got in without security checks. This kind of coincidence never happens but still we ordered an inquiry and suspended three officers who were there. We do not want even a .001 per cent chance,” said the Home Minister.

There is no doubt that the manner in which the vehicle was allowed to enter Priyanka’s residence without any physical checks was a serious breach of security and such mistakes must not be allowed to occur again. But, as Amit Shah said, it was the protectee (Priyanka) who had ordered her security officers not to physically check any of her close family members because of which the vehicle was allowed to enter.

Imagine if a group of terrorists had entered the residence without any checks. It is, therefore, necessary for the protectees themselves to adhere to security guidelines, and all visitors, including relatives, must undergo checks. If the security officers had information about Rahul Gandhi visiting her sister, they could have at least checked whether Rahul was inside the vehicle or not. Even a minor error can cause a big incident, and security personnel need to be ever vigilant.

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