Rajat Sharma

Take stringent action against those who brainwash children to spout venom against government

akb0810India TV in its prime time show ‘Aaj Ki Baat’ on Friday night telecast three videos of Muslims children (faces blurred to conceal identity) at Shaheen Bagh, Delhi, in which they were openly making provocative remarks against Citizenship Amendment Act and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It appears that these kids were either brainwashed or taught to parrot provocative sentences.

In the videos, we noticed when some of the kids failed to give replies, they turned back to ask adults sitting behind them.These adults were seen prompting the kids to say what they wanted to be told on camera. Clearly, some individuals with vested interests are exploiting children in order to incite emotions for political ends.

Normally when such incidents happen, those in the media, in courts and in legislatures issue appeal not to exploit children for political agenda. Children, by nature, have a clean slate in their minds and hearts, and it is inhuman to instil hatred in their minds and brainwash them to follow a patently wrong direction. Legally, stringent action is taken whenever anybody exploits, harasses, beats or abuses children or make them perform forced labour.

I consider exploitation of children in order to incite communal feelings towards political ends must be treated as a big crime. Adults and elderly persons have the right to sit on peaceful protests and air their views against the policies of the government. But exploiting children to incite communal feelings is not only injustice, but also an act of cruelty towards them.

It is the first and foremost duty of parents to prevent interested groups from exploiting their kids, and if they fail, action must be taken against people who are behind such nefarious acts.

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