Rajat Sharma


AKB30 Embattled Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s PA Vibhav Kumar was arrested by Delhi Police on Saturday from the CM’s residence. He has been arrested on the basis of an FIR lodged and statement made under Sec 164 to a magistrate by AAP Rajya Sabha member Swati Maliwal. She had alleged that Vibhav Kumar kicked her in the chest, abdomen and lower parts, tore her clothes and slapped her on May 13, when went to the chief minister’s residence. On Friday, Delhi minister Atishi showed a video clip and made a sensational claim that it was BJP which sent Maliwal to create a drama at Kejriwal’s official residence. Two days ago, AAP MP Sanjay Singh had told media that Kejriwal’s PA had misbehaved with Swati, and the AAP supremo would take action against him. But now, Swati has alleged that Kejriwal is working under pressure from Vibhav Kumar because he has several deep secrets about the chief minister with him. This is the reason why the entire matter is sought to be given a twist. The entire drama took place at Kejriwal’s residence. Whatever happened with Swati was unfortunate, but it is difficult to understand what exactly happened on May 13 morning. Those in the know say that Sanjay Singh had persuaded Swati not to make the matter public and there was an agreement between the two a few days ago. Clearly, the AAP supremo never wanted to face electoral damage as Delhi goes to polls next week. Swati Maliwal put a condition: that Vibhav Kumar must be removed from his post so that he cannot control access of outsiders to the chief minister. Sanjay Singh made his remarks public as per the agreement, and Swati remained silent. But when she noticed the next day that Kejriwal had taken his PA Vibhav Kumar to Lucknow, she was furious. She called Delhi Police to her residence and gave her statement nailing Vibhav. Even at that point, she did not speak to the media nor did she make any public statement over the incident. But, on Friday, when Aam Aadmi Party released a cctv video, made a counter-attack on Swati Maliwal and posted a tweet making its aims clear, Swati came out in public. It was Atishi who alleged that Swati was in cahoots with BJP to level charges against Kejriwal’s PA. Swati retorted and said that Aap Aadmi Party has surrendered because of “pressure” from Vibhav Kumar. She alleged that the entire party machinery has been used to raise fingers at her character. The entire sequence of events is astonishing and worrying. Delhi Police will now have to probe the matter from every angle. Both the law and public opinion is with Swati. The political situation is also in her favour and Kejriwal’s worries may now multiply. Delhi goes to the polls on May 25. AAP has now started to drag BJP into its internal affair, and BJP is sure to launch a counter-attack. The ball is now in PM Narendra Modi’s court who will be addressing an election rally in Delhi on Sunday.

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