Rajat Sharma

State governments must ensure security for screening of Padmaavat movie

Aaj Ki Baat_frame_39259Handful of protesters ransacking cinema theatres in different cities to stop the screening of the movie ‘Padmaavat’ are posing a challenge to the authority of the state, and trying to create an atmosphere of fear, which is unacceptable. These protesters are trying to intimidate both cinema theatre owners and filmgoers.

It is the duty of each state government, to abide by the Supreme Court order, and provide full security to such cinema halls. The visuals that we have been seeing for the last two days clearly show that the security arrangements are inadequate. People trying to create disturbance must be arrested.

If people refuse to accept the Censor Board’s decision, and if every person tries to become a censor himself, no film can be released. If people do not follow the country’s apex court order, how can there be rule of law? And what is the controversy? A film should not be screened. And who are those people making this demand? Those who have not seen the film themselves.

There are crores of filmgoers who deserve the freedom to watch the movie. This is a question of freedom for all citizens, and that freedom must be respected. The institutions of the state and the law must be obeyed. I will again appeal to people who are setting fire to tyres on road and are damaging public property, to watch the movie first, so that their doubts are cleared.

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