Rajat Sharma

Shia Personal Law Board’s decision on beef, triple talaq a welcome step

The decision of All India Shia Personal Law Board to support a ban on beef eating and cow slaughter, and its call to make strict law against misuse of triple talaq is a welcome step. The Board has said that it has issued a fatwa against cow slaughter and beef consumption after consulting its top Shia cleric from Iraq Ayatollah Sheikh Basheer Najafi. The Ayatollah has asked all Shia Muslims in India not to slaughter cows and respect the sentiments of people at large in India. The Shia Personal Law Board has also called on the government to make strict law to ensure that the provision of triple talaq is not misused. It has also favoured resolution of Ayodhya Babri Masjid dispute through negotiations. Islamic scholars have a big role in bringing progressive changes in society on contentious issues like cow slaughter, triple talaq and Ayodhya dispute. On the triple talaq issue, the views of most of the Muslim women are clear. They are against this outdated practice. There are 22 Islamic countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen and Morocco, where triple talaq is prohibited. Indian Muslims should also come forward to bring about this radical change.

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