Rajat Sharma

Shades of Indira’s style in Modi’s campaigning

The manner in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke at the Lucknow rule about working for the interests of poor people reminds one of former PM Indira Gandhi’s electoral style. Modi’s speech on Monday reflected shades of Indira’s style of campaigning.

There was a time during the Sixties and Seventies, when Indira Gandhi used to tell at her rallies, ‘they (Opposition) are saying Indira Hatao, I am saying Garibi Hatao’. On Monday, Modi said, ‘they (Opposition) are saying Modi Hatao, I am saying Bhrashtachar Hatao’.

In her time, Indira Gandhi had abolished privy purses of ex-rulers and nationalised 14 major banks.

On Monday, if one carefully goes through Modi’s speech, his claim on demonetization was also made in a similar vein. And the result was evident. Huge crowds that thronged the Lucknow rally will definitely give a boost to the Prime Minister’s self-confidence level and shore up the morale of BJP workers.

Even the BJP had not expected such a big turnout, and since it was the first big rally since demonetization, the Prime Minister wanted to send the message that his demonetization step has the backing of the masses.

Apart from demonetization, the BJP in UP faces the added benefit from the split in Samajwadi Party. Both the SP factions, instead of uniting to fight the BJP, are now battling to sideline the other.

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