Rajat Sharma

Separatists using stone pelters to shield terrorists during encounter

The sordid incident in Kashmir’s Budgam, where stone pelters were openly used by separatists to target security forces, at a time when they were busy fighting terrorists hiding inside a building, clearly shows the unholy nexus between terrorists, stone pelters and their masters sitting across the border.

The diabolical plan of terrorists and their handlers sitting in Pakistan is to create frenzy in the Valley so that security forces are forced to open fire on crowds of stone pelters. The ground reality is that sons and daughters of most of the separatist leaders in Kashmir are studying outside the state.

These pro-Pakistan leaders are misguiding gullible youths by asking them to pelt stones, and when firing takes place, they give calls for strike in the Valley. The day the common people of the Valley understand the nefarious motives of these leaders, most of their prob

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