Rajat Sharma

Sehwag on Dhoni

It was generally thought that Dhoni and Sehwag were not on best of terms and that Dhoni was responsible for Sehwag’s ouster from the Indian team. However today on Aap Ki Adalat, Virender Sehwag clearly stated that it was his poor form and not the so-called differences between the two that led to his omission. He said it would not be correct to blame the Indian captain since he was consistently underperforming in both test and one day matches. He even maintained that Dhoni should remain the captain till the next World Cup. He also expressed his disappointment at BCCI for having remained silent on his plea to retire while playing. A player like Virender Sehwag should have certainly been given the opportunity to hang up his boots while on the pitch. The least the BCCI can do now is to accord him an honourable farewell during the final test match between India and South Africa in Delhi.

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