Rajat Sharma

Sartaj Aziz

Sartaj Aziz is one of Pakistan’s most seasoned diplomat and has always shared a close relationship with Nawaz Sharif. However this has proved costly with the Pak Prime Minister lately having to face lot of criticisms. First it was a goof up at Ufa where Kashmir was given a miss in the Joint Statement with India and then talks with India got cancelled at the very last minute due to an invitation being extended to the Hurriyat leaders. Even in the US, Nawaz Sharif was rather forced to listen than talk with his promise to take action against terror groups like the Lashkar-e-Taiba. These certainly haven’t gone down well with the military establishment in Pakistan. Sartaz Aziz was replaced and Nawaz Sharif was left with no other option but to accept Lt General Naseer Khan Janjua as the new NSA.

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