Rajat Sharma

Rocky update

It’s Lalu Yadav’s government in Bihar… Tejashwi Yadav is the Deputy Chief Minister… Therefore, it’s his responsibility to defend his own government…But a number of questions are being raised over the way the Bihar Police is investigating this case…First of all, the police did not seek the remand of Rocky Yadav…After it was criticised, the police sought his remand from court…Even after the remand was granted by the court, the police did not took him on remand for interrogation…What is the reason behind that?…This is something only Bihar Police can answer…Now comes the second question…Why did the police threw Aditya’s blood soaked clothes in the dustbin outside the post-mortem room?… Could the clothes not have been used as evidence in this case?…In view of these facts, the apprehensions of Aditya’s family members that the murderers of their son will not get punishment gets credence. ..They feel that a ground is being prepared to save Rocky and that a CBI enquiry should be ordered in this case.

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