Rajat Sharma

Regaining POK is the only unfinished task left

AKBOn August 12, Eid ul Azha, people throughout the Kashmir valley offered namaaz peacefully in mosques and not a single bullet was fired by security forces. The attendance was in thousands, with the largest turnout in Baramulla. The only problem that common people are facing is the lack of internet and cellphone facilities. They are unable to connect with their relatives and other acquaintances.

The Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satyapal Malik told India TV reporter on Monday in an interview that internet and cellphone services would be resumed very soon, probably within a span of five to six days. His concerns, too, are valid. We have seen over the past few years how social media, through internet and cellphones, had been misused to spread fake propaganda and create tension among people.

The Central Reserve Police Force has launched a helpline ‘Madadgaar’, under which any citizen can ring up 14411 and seek assistance. Citizens can go to the Deputy Commissioner’s office and speak on landline phone. A few landline connections have been activated at some reputed shops in Srinagar.

I agree that this is not adequate, but given the security considerations, the common people may have to bear with this for some more days. Let’s hope, all restrictions will be lifted within a week.

The situation will definitely improve in the valley if peace and tranquility prevails. Let’s give peace a chance so that new industries and multiplexes can come up. Let Bollywood return to the valley for film shooting. All these will surely create jobs for the unemployed. Let more schools and colleges come up, so that Kashmiri youths can study and compete with their counterparts in the rest of India.

I am not surprised over the unusually aggressive postures of Pakistan, which has recalled its High Commissioner and has snapped trade, rail and bus links with India. Pakistani authorities are planning to observe India’s Independence Day as ‘Black Day’ in their country to boost the sagging morale of Kashmiri terrorists. Let them do so, but the people of Kashmir have now seen through the veil of lies dished out by Pakistan.

Our security forces are there to tackle any misadventure by Pakistan and its trained terrorists, and I am confident that they will surely come out with flying colors. Jammu and Kashmir was and is an integral part of India, forever. The only unfinished task that remains is: regaining that part of Jammu and Kashmir which was illegally occupied by Pakistani invaders in 1948.

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