Rajat Sharma

Rahul’s remark on PM’s age is unjustified

On Monday, the last day of campaigning in UP, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi remarked at a public rally that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become old and he should now take rest. Rahul is 46 years old and Modi is 66 years old.

If one makes a comparison, Prime Minister Modi has been working almost 20 hours a day and he has not taken a single day’s leave in the last two and a half years.

And yet, Modi never looks tired. On the other hand, Rahul, comparatively young, only addressed two rallies a day in UP, and he often goes on holidays abroad for relaxation.

Compared to Rahul, his poll ally Akhilesh Yadav addressed 205 election meetings in UP, while Rahul addressed 51 rallies. BJP president 52-year-old Amit Shah is older than Rahul.

Shah addressed 153 public rallies in UP. So, judging by the number of rallies these leaders addressed, Rahul’s remark about the PM’s age seems to be unjustified.

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