Rajat Sharma

PM Modi’s jibe at Dr Manmohan Singh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was correct when he said in Rajya Sabha today that former PM Dr Manmohan Singh was part of the ruling establishment for nearly 35 years, as RBI Governor, as Finance Minister and as Prime Minister, and yet he remained unstuck in the era of scams. But the manner in which Modi made a jibe by saying that Dr Singh knew the art of taking a bath wearing a raincoat, was something like hitting below the belt, even though it was made in jest. One can question Dr Singh’s capabilities on governance, one can rue his compulsions, but none can raise a finger about his honesty. It is also true that Dr Singh had made a caustic remark in the last session by describing the demonetization move as a ‘monumental blunder’. Normally, Dr Singh never uses such harsh words.

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