Rajat Sharma

PM Modi is in fast active mode for 2019 LS polls

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday told his party MPs ‘na baithoonga, na baithne doonga’, meaning neither he would sit and take rest, nor would he allow party leaders to become complacent after the unprecedented poll successes. The BJP not only swept to power in UP and Uttarakhand, but also formed governments in Manipur and Goa, where it was not the single largest party. The party acted swiftly and decisively at lightning speed. So, it was no surprise when he was welcomed in Parliament on Thursday with slogans from party MPs. It has to be noted that PM Modi has already begun preparing to face the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. One marvels at his speed and ceaseless and untiring work. This has put the Opposition in quandary. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has already left for the US, and his party’s work will remain at a standstill till he returns.

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