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Perpetrators of international conspiracy to defame India must not be spared

akb2110More evidences have come forward which show that the tweets posted by pop singer Rihanna, climate activist Greta Thunberg and others were not spontaneous. These were part of an international conspiracy to defame India. A Canadian MP of Indian origin, Jagmeet Singh, an avowed supporter of Khalistan, has admitted that he used to chat with Rihanna, as both of them were following each other on Twitter. Jagmeet Singh however refused to disclose what he discussed with Rihanna, but the answers are obvious.

Jagmeet Singh collects funds for Khalistan movement overseas. In 2013, the Indian government refused to grant him visa to visit India. When Rihanna posted her tweet in support of farmers, it was Jagmeet Singh who retweeted her post and thanked her for coming out in solidarity with farmers. He claims that Rihanna is his friend.

Delhi Police is trying to fix the missing pieces in the jigsaw puzzle. It is trying to find out who created the tool kit that was posted by Greta Thunberg on Twitter and was hurriedly deleted. The tool kit outlines detailed plans for creating disruption in India on the farmers’ issue in January and February. Specific plans for staging protests from January 26 (Republic Day) onwards have been mentioned in the toolkit. The FIR, lodged by Delhi Police, pertains to acts of sedition, hatching criminal conspiracy and promotion of enmity among groups. It is an open-ended FIR and the investigation will establish who the conspirators are. The FIR does not name Greta Thunberg or any other person, police said.

I was astonished when I went through the plans detailed in the tool kit. It called for creating a ‘tweetstorm’ against the Indian government in order to draw worldwide attention to the farmers’ protests. Farmer leaders have given a call for nationwide ‘chakka jam’ on Saturday, and the tweets by foreign celebrities were intended for this purpose. The tool kit outlines what Twitterati should do on February 4 and 5. It outlines two types of action: one, through social media, and two, through physical presence. It called for protests outside Indian embassies and consulates, and also inside India to express solidarity with farmers. Call has been given for protests on February 13 and 14 outside Indian embassies, and also outside offices of Ambani and Adani groups.

Whether it is Rihanna or Greta Thunberg or the Khalistani groups, they appear to be part of an international plan to defame India and challenge India’s sovereignty. They are peddling a bundle of lies about farmers’ protests throughout the world.
They have alleged that farmers were fired upon by police. It is an utter lie. There has been no firing during the 71-day-long dharna by farmers on Delhi’s borders. On the contrary, the fact is that rioters attacked policemen with swords and iron rods and more than 300 policemen were injured, but not a single shot was fired at farmers.

It was alleged that a ban has been put on social media, but the funniest part is that much of the propaganda war is being launched on social media inside India. On January 26, the rioters were telecasting their horrendous acts live on Facebook and other platforms.

It was also alleged that police have stopped supplies of food and water to farmers, but the whole nation has seen visuals of how langars were being run on a daily basis at the border points in Singhu, Tikri and Ghazipur. The farmers had brought their own stocks of foodgrains and vegetables, while villagers living in nearby areas provided them with fruits, foodgrains and milk.

It is being alleged that the Indian government is bringing the farm laws to help corporates. No prize for guessing who has been levelling the charge that Modi government is working to help “cronies like Ambani and Adani”.

The most worrying part is that the tool kit hurriedly posted by Greta Thunberg shows how some portions of it were already posted from a Congress party Twitter handle on January 18. It is now for the Congress to reply whether it was a coincidence or an experiment?

The toolkit also alleges that critics of the government and journalists are being intimidated and oppressed, and human rights are being violated. It is an open fact that everybody in India, including journalists, has the freedom to speak whatever one wants to, and there are no curbs on press freedom. No one is being threatened nor is anybody feeling intimidated.

The moot point is that an international conspiracy has been hatched to defame India by peddling lies through deceit. This has brought forth two positive results. One, the bundle of lies stands exposed, and two, the people of India are watching events that are unfolding in front of their own eyes. They do not need promptings from international celebrities. Even the farmer leaders sitting on dharna said on Thursday that they do not know these international celebrities, and their reactions do not matter.

The enemies of India are eyeing the farmers’ protests as a blessing in disguise, so that they can tarnish India’s image in the eyes of the world. Funds are being collected in countries like Canada, USA, Germany, UK, Australia and France, sometimes in the name of religion, or in the name of protesting farmers or in the name of their own fringe outfits.
The farmers sitting on dharna at Delhi borders for the last 71 days do not even know the names of these outfits and the conspirators. But the agents of this international conspiracy are still sitting with the farmers on Delhi’s borders. This has been revealed in the tool kit, in which supporters have been advised to show all pictures and videos of farmers’ protests for “screening” to the farm leaders at Singhu or Tikri borders, before posting them on social media.

The outfit named Poetic Justice Foundation, based in Canada, claims that it works for the upliftment of marginalized communities. The PJF took out several rallies in Canada in support of Indian farmers. It openly claims on its website that it is trying to expose the ‘fascist mindset’ of Modi government and acts of corruption by big Indian corporates. It had given a call for Unified Global Disruption Program on India’s Republic Day this year. The PJF is active in Australia, Canada, Britain, USA, Kenya, Denmark, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, The Netherlands, and New Zealand.

Mo Dhaliwal, a PR man based in Vancouver, Canada, is of Indian origin. He is one of the leading lights of PJF, and his main agenda is furthering the cause of Khalistan. He openly flaunts his love for Khalistan and has been collecting funds for that cause.

Had the tool kit not been posted by Greta Thunberg mistakenly, the full extent of the international conspiracy that was hatched to defame India would not have come out in the open. The conspirators are part of that group, which incited communal riots in Delhi last year when the then US President Donald Trump was in India on a state visit.

They were part of the group which wrote letters and mails to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson requesting him not to attend India’s Republic Day parade this year. This group encouraged British Labour Party MPs to issue statements in support of protesting farmers. It was at the instance of this group that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave a statement in support of farmers’ protests in India.

Delhi Police has collected more evidences of the global conspiracy to defame India. Google India has been asked to cooperate in tracing people who created the tool kit for causing disruption in India. Naturally, these evidences will now come up before the courts after investigation.

However, one thing must be made clear. Conspirators, whether staying inside India or abroad, must be brought to book. It is an attack on the unity and integrity of India. Some people living inside India have acted as pawns in the hands of conspirators sitting abroad.

Now that Delhi Police has begun arresting the key persons behind the attack on Red Fort, I am confident that none of the conspirators would be spared. I am also confident that none of the innocent farmers, who had no clue about this conspiracy, will be harassed by police.

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