Rajat Sharma

Perpetrators of gangrape, murder of a girl in Kathua must get the harshest punishment

aaj-ki-baat_frame_14753An eight-year-old girl, belonging to Bakerwal community of shepherds in Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir, was first abducted and then gangraped for several days before she was brutally murdered. One shudders in horror after reading details about the inhuman and horrendous torture the victim went through.

It does not matter to which religion or community the victim belonged to. It also does not matter to which religion or community the perpetrators of this dastardly crime belong to, because such culprits do not deserve to be called human beings.

It is a question of humanity and we do not need politicians to explain that. The question is, what should be done now: the victim must get justice, and the perpetrators of the gruesome crime should get a deterrent punishment, which should be an eye-opener for all. Such acts of inhumanity lowers the trust and confidence that the common people have in law and it brings a bad name to the country on the world stage.

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