Rajat Sharma

Perfect launch of Chandrayaan-2 is a feather in the cap of our space scientists

akb2307 With immense pride, millions of Indians watched on television on Monday as our GSLV Mk-III rocket rose majestically into the skies carrying the Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft, that is presently orbiting the Earth. The spacecraft is scheduled to reach the Moon either on September 6 or 7, when the lander Vikram will touch the lunar surface and send the rover Pragyan near the Moon’s South Pole, where no spacecraft has landed so far.

India will then become the fourth country in the world after USA, Russia and China to send a lunar probe. Needless to say, India has already joined the club of major space powers, with its tremendous success with Mangalyaan (the mission to Mars) and Chandrayaan-1 (mission to Moon).

In the past, during the Sixties and Seventies, we in India used to only watch in awe when USA and Russia used to send space probes to the Moon and other planets. We used to dream of a day when our space probes would reach the Moon and the Mars, with our tricolour flying high.

It is due to the strenuous efforts of our scientists and engineers in Indian Space Research Organisation that India has reached this remarkable level, and every Indian should be proud of our prowess. The orbiter, Chandrayaan-2 will orbit the Moon for one full year clicking and sending images of the lunar surface.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who watched the launch live from his office in New Delhi, said the event will be etched in the annals of history. Chandamama, as Indians fondly call the Moon while telling bedtime tales to children, is no more fairy tale business. Our scientists will now be exploring the Moon for vital technical information necessary for the unknown frontiers of science. It is now time for the world to watch in awe as India takes giant strides in space. I have only two words to express my emotion – Jai Hind!

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