Rajat Sharma

Pathankot attack

The combing operation to flush out the terrorists at the Pathankot airbase continues to be on. Arun Jaitley pointed out today that the Air Force base covers a very large area, the boundary wall of which has a perimeter of 24Kms and there are residential pockets within, with about eleven thousand people residing in them. It is more or less like a mini township. Naturally to sensitise the area is no mean task. The operation can only be called off till the combing of the entire area is complete. But the bigger question is how did the terrorists manage to infiltrate the airbase? Apparently sensitive information about the Pathankot Air Base and a possible attack had been passed on by the former Air Force officer who was recently arrested on charges of spying for Pakistan. When the intelligence agencies had such crucial information in their possession, why did they not act timely? Once the operation is complete, the Government must find out who is responsible for such a gross oversight which facilitated the terrorists to enter easily. Although a major strike has been successfully averted, the Government must take stern action against those whose recklessness has resulted in the tragic loss of some of our jawans and officers – a loss that the country will perhaps never be able to accept.

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