Rajat Sharma

Pathankot Air Base attack

The manner in which the terrorists had entered the Pathankot airbase proves that they had been planning out the operation for months. They had undergone training at an Air Force base in Pakistan, they had also undergone weapons training and had come with AK47 rifles fitted with grenade launchers. All this reveals that the fidayeen attackers had crossed the border and entered Punjab some time back. It would therefore be incorrect to link this attack to Prime Minister Modi’s surprise visit to Lahore. And there is no doubt that the handlers who gave instructions to these terrorists are still in Pakistan and Nawaz Sharif has little control over them. Nawaz Sharif wants better bilateral ties between the two countries but his army thinks differently. However the manner in which the Pakistan Prime Minister has responded and promised prompt action in the aftermath of the attack, one can be optimistic that the perpetrators would be dealt with in the strongest manner. It is perhaps for the first time that Pakistan has agreed to investigate the attack based on the evidences provided by India. And incase that does not happen, India would perhaps have to take what Swami Ramdev says, is a more combative stance against Pakistan.

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