Rajat Sharma


akbThe brazen breach of security on Wednesday in Parliament, coinciding with the 22nd anniversary of Parliament terror attack, that had taken place in 2001, cannot be brushed aside as the work of a group of misguided youths. It could be part of a deeper and bigger conspiracy to defame Modi government. The entire act was carefully planned and executed. The four persons arrested knew one another for the last four years. The mastermind of the conspiracy had carried out a recce to check the security system in the new Parliament building. The intruders knew that footwears were not being checked by security personnel, and they hid the colour smoke canisters inside their shoes. Their associate, who was waiting outside, made a video on his cellphone and he vanished carrying the cellphones of the other intruders. The intruders deliberately secured visitors’ entry passes from a BJP MP and targeted the new Parliament building. The objective was to send the message to the world that Parliament is still not secure after 22 years. The intruders shouted slogans normally heard in the Left eco-system. It is also true that this is a big security lapse because visitors have to pass through three layers of strict security checks before entering the gallery. Visitors are not even allowed to carry coins, pens and cellphones. The question arises: how did the two intruders manage to carry smoke canisters? The danger is big. This is the age of chemical weapons. The canisters could have been filled with lethal poisonous gas. It could be a plastic explosive. This incident will surely boost the morale of the enemies of our country. It is, therefore, imperative that the investigators must reach the depth of the conspiracy. Who were behind these intruders? Who prepared the planning? Who financed them? The contours of the entire conspiracy must be unraveled.

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