Rajat Sharma

Pakistan will incur the world’s wrath if it carries out any misadventure

AKframe_782 (002)The entire nation salutes our brave warriors of Indian Air Force who carried out a daring air strike decimating camps of the terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed on Feb 26 pre-dawn deep inside Pakistan. The identities of these Air Force warriors have been kept secret for security reasons, but they have made every Indian proud.

To enter the airspace of a terrorist country, execute the air strike with pinpoint precision and then return safely without any casualty is not an easy task. These warriors risked their lives to exact revenge for the death of our CRPF martyrs and they richly deserve the honour.

Pakistan’s reaction was not surprising, to say the least. It clearly reflect the frustration of its leadership. One of their ministers said that it was pitch dark and their armed forces could not find out when the IAF planes came and left. Their army spokesman says that the Pakistani Air Force forced the IAF planes to flee without inflicting any casualty. But he had no answer when asked why PAF fighters could not target a single IAF plane despite their presence inside Pakistani airspace for more than 20 minutes. It was a similar charade like last time when Indian army commandos carried out surgical strikes and returned safely. The Pakistanis flatly denied that any surgical strike had taken place.

After the devastating air strike deep inside its territory, the Pakistani army has given two types of threats. The first threat is: ‘we will give India a surprise, at a time and place of our own choice’, and the second veiled threat is in the form of an announcement that the National Command Authority that authorizes nuclear attacks will meet on Wednesday. This is the same Pakistan army which had been threatening four days ago of swift retaliation if India tried to carry out a strike, but was caught unprepared on Tuesday early dawn.

History shows that the Pakistani army always lost wars that it waged in 1948, 1965, 1971 and 1999. Our armed forces are on high alert right now and if Pakistan dares to strike back, it will be paid back in the same coin. The entire world knows that our IAF targeted terror camps only. It did not inflict casualties on Pakistani civilians or the Pakistan army and it did not occupy an inch of their territory. The Tuesday air strike by the IAF received support from world powers, and if Pakistan resorts to any misadventure, it will incur the world’s wrath.

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