Rajat Sharma

Pakistan resorting to fake videos after India’s punitive action

The Pakistan army has a long history of faking news relating to conflicts with India. On Wednesday, in response to Indian army’s video of punitive action against Pakistani army posts in Nowshera sector, the Pakistani army spokesperson released a video purported to show Indian bunkers being blown up in shelling by Pakistan near Line of Control. Within minutes, this video proved to be fake. India TV had already telecasted this old video several days ago. Earlier too, the Pakistani army had released video of a Naxalite attack as its own. The question that arises is: why Pakistan is resorting to fake videos? The answer is: the world has changed since the advent of social media. Even before the actual conflict begins on the ground, video wars erupt on social media. This is part of the game of psychological warfare. It has been reported that Pakistan has created a team of 40 to 50 personnel, exclusively assigned to create and circulate fake videos on social media. This Pakistani team has circulated a large number of fake videos of so-called “army oppression” to spread poison in the minds of Kashmiri youths. We have information that our armed forces have also made preparations to counter such fake videos on social media. Pakistan will now be paid in its own coin.

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