Rajat Sharma

Owaisi and his men must understand the consequences of inciting Muslims

AKB1411All India Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) chief Asaduddin Owaisi was caught unawares on Thursday when a female activist suddenly went up to the mike at his Bengaluru rally and chanted Pakistan Zindabad slogan. Owaisi had to intervene and hand her over to the police and the woman was sent to 14 days’ judicial custody. Owaisi had to explain at the rally and later to the media that he and his party always stood for Hindustan Zindabad and not Pakistan Zindabad,

Five days ago, in Gulbarga, Karnataka, AIMIM leader Waris Pathan, in the presence of Owaisi, in a challenging tone said that 15 crore Muslims have the ability to overpower 100 crore Hindus. The AIMIM chief was seen holding his head in his hands because he knew the consequences of this hate remark.

Owaisi is an experienced leader from Hyderabad and he should know it better what will happen if he continues to play with fire, by making speeches to incite the Muslims. Owaisi may be thinking that he can gain political advantage by inciting the Muslim community but he should understand that by spreading the poison of hate, he is lowering the level of patriotism among his supporters in the Muslim community.

I know Owaisi loves India. I have seen the video in which Owaisi strongly defended India when he was in Pakistan. Owaisi told the Pakistani TV anchor point blank that he must not utter a single word of abuse against his Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Owaisi also told the Pakistani TV anchor that his views may be different from those of Modi in India, but Modi is the Prime Minister for every Indian. Owaisi told him that no outsider has any business meddling in the domestic affairs of his country. He said, ‘I love India’, and I personally know that Owaisi is true to his conviction.

I also know that Owaisi never spoke the language that Mani Shankar Aiyar used against his own country when he was on Pakistani soil. But Owaisi should understand the effect of his provocative speeches among Muslims. He should know that he could be raising a wall between communities in his quest for expanding the supporter base of his party. Inciting a community on sensitive issues can cause big harm to the composite fabric of our nationhood.

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