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Our Armed Forces: Professional and Compassionate

aaj ki baat fullThe Army on Friday released a dramatic video in which a terrorist in Chadoora near Budgam in Kashmir valley was seen surrendering to security forces during an encounter. The terrorist, Jahangir Ahmed Bhat had joined a terror outfit recently.
The video captured the dramatic moments before the surrender. As security personnel kept their weapons ready to fire, an army officer from 53 Rashtrya Rifles managed to contact the hiding terrorist and convinced him that he would not be armed if he surrendered. The officer is heard saying in the video, ‘koyi goli nahin chalayega’, as Jahangir walked out of the hideout with both his arms raised. As he approached the security forces, the army officer was saying, “Son, don’t get frightened. Mistakes happen. Give him water.” Security forces in combat fatigue gave water to Jahangir as he sat on the ground.
In another army video, the terrorist’s father was seen hugging his son, and thanking the army for bringing back his son alive. An army jawan was heard telling the old man, “don’t let him join the terrorists again.” The father assures the army officer that he would not allow his son to be misguided by terror outfits.
Let me give you the background of this story. On October 13, a special police officer Altaf fled with two AK-47 rifles. The same day, a local shopkeeper Jahangir Ahmed Bhat was found missing from his home. Local residents assumed that he along with the deserter SPO had joined terrorist ranks. Both of them with the two stolen AK-47 rifles were on the run.
On Friday morning, security forces got specific inputs that the two were hiding at a certain location. Soon, a cordon and search operation began, in which the army, state police and CRPF took part. During the encounter, the SPO-turned-terrorist Altaf fired indiscriminately at the security forces and managed to flee. The security personnel retaliated with firing, and Jahangir was cornered. He subsequently surrendered with the stolen AK-47 rifle after army personnel assured him of safety.
“As per protocol, the Indian Army made efforts to convince the individual to surrender. He surrendered. The individual’s father was at the site and the impact of the efforts to make the youth come back from terror was visible. Indian army continues to make efforts to prevent terror recruitment, and in case of youths joining terror, provide options (for them) to get back”, said an army press release.
In my prime time show ‘Aaj Ki Baat’ I showed both the videos to let viewers know how our army deals with terrorists, when they are cornered. On one hand, the terrorist was firing indiscriminately at our forces. He emptied the whole magazine and fled, and on the other hand, our security forces practiced maximum restraint. They had their automatic weapons ready and could have easily gunned down Jahangir within a minute. But they chose not to do so. The army officers patiently convinced him to lay down his weapon and surrender. He has handed over to his father and sent back home.
Parents of teenagers who joined terrorist ranks in the Kashmir valley must watch these videos. They should send appeal to their children and ask them to shun terror and return home. These videos should also be watched by self-appointed guardians of human rights, who try to paint our security forces as killers. We, in India, are proud to have a professional army. Our jawans know how to kill enemies and they also know how to save lives. We must salute our army for this humane approach while dealing with terror.

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