Rajat Sharma

OROP: Government should announce a decision soon

One Rank, One Pension will be implemented, this is confirmed. Now, the government has two options – One, that it may take the pension of 2011 as base to implement OROP. This means the pension that an officer who retired in the year 2011 received, will be given to all the officers of that rank. The government has to shell out additional Rs 4000 crore for the same.
Second option is that the pension given in 2013 may be taken as the base. If the government chooses this option then it will be burdened with Rs 8000 crore. We should hope that the government will fulfil its promise, and as said it will take a decision within 10 days. During the given time frame the government should make the announcement otherwise the retired officers will intensify their agitation. We hope that within this time frame there will be some solution to OROP demand.

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