Rajat Sharma

Ordinance to criminalize Triple Talaq is a step in the right direction

akbOn the recommendation of the Union Cabinet on Wednesday, The President has promulgated an ordinance that criminalizes Triple Talaq in the Muslim community. Maulanas and other ulema may well describe this as an interfence by the government in their religious traditions, but the fact remains that if Triple Talaq is considered a practice prevalent in Islam, then why have Islamic countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia have declared Triple Talaq a crime?

If Triple Talaq is illegal in Islamic countries, when how can it be Islamic in a secular country like India? The second point: Because of the harsh laws enforced by Muslim Personal Law Board, Muslim women in India have been subjected to Triple Talaq and Halala practices till now. There was no law under Indian Constitution against Triple Talaq. After the Supreme Court issued its directive, reports used to be filed in police stations whenever triple talaq was committed, but till now there was no provision in law that prescribes punishments for such acts. Police used to register cases but could not take action in the absence of any legal provision.

Even after the Supreme Court’s verdict which held Triple Talaq as illegal, more than 400 cases of Triple Talaq were reported across the country. Even on Wednesday, an Indian Muslim sitting in Oman uttered the word,Talaq, thrice to his wife staying in Hyderabad over phone. He had first sent his wife for treatment to Hyderabad, and when she reached her parents, he uttered Triple Talaq over phone. That is why a stringent law is necessary to punish such acts, so that we can save Muslim women from atrocities.

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